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Who is Brian Gibson?

I am a local house buyer from the Carroll County, Md. area. As well as a house buyer, I am a small business owner and have been serving Carroll and surrounding counties all over the state of Maryland since 2002 completing quality work for my clients on a daily basis. I have always made the decision to keep my business small so I can give all my clients and potential clients the personal attention and detail they deserve and I will do the same when we work together. When I talk to you about your property, my main focus is the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


How does the whole process work?

Once you have decided that you need to sell, please reach out to me by calling me, texting me or by submitting your property information here on my website. All my contact information is in the Contact Us section. Once you reach out to me, we can have a telephone conversation about your selling situation. After we talk, I will then do my additional due diligence on the property and the neighborhood. After I have done my homework, I will contact you and talk about the possibility of meeting you at your property for a walk through.

How soon can you close on the property I need to sell?

I am very flexible when it comes to closing. Everyone's house selling situation can be different. I can close quick, or in a time frame that works for you. Some sellers own a vacant property and would like to sell as soon as possible so they no longer have to worry about the hassles of owning a vacant property. Other's are still living in the house they need to sell and would need more time before moving out. Whatever your situation may be, I can work within your time frame as far as when to close.

Do I have to pay real estate commissions when I sell?

No, you do not have to pay any real estate commissions when you sell your house to me so you will save thousands of dollars in those fees which are usually 6% of the selling price.


Do I have to pay closing costs or offer additional seller help? 

No, I can pay all of the closing costs. 



What if my house needs repairs?

I can buy in "As-Is" condition. Whether there are minor or even major repairs needed, I network with several Licensed and Insured contractors that can make all the necessary repairs needed. 



What will you do with the house once you buy it?

Depending on the type of house and the location, my goal is to turn the house into the most beautiful house on the street and eventually resell to a family looking to buy there dream home!


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